Chemical Reactions


Available on the Legends of Learning Platform.

Visualize four different types of chemical reactions by rearranging the atoms in the reactants to form the products based on the provided formula.

Character art provided by Audrey Axt.

Fortune Cat Fractions


Fortune cat wants you to learn how to combine fractions to make whole numbers!

This game is great for teaching the concept of fraction combination in a fun and visual way.
It starts out simple, but gets more challenging as more variations of fractions become available.

Prism Pets


Prism Pets is a puzzle game about creating different combinations with colors.

Slide the colored tiles left, right, up, our down to make combinations and try to make the target color.



Mitrix is a cute twist on a classic Latin Square puzzle. Every animal must appear exactly once in each column and once in each row.


With levels progressing in difficulty as the matrices increase in dimension, can you unlock every star in the game?



Derrick has moved back to Antarctica, after half a decade of living in Altoona, KS. All he brought with him were his bazooka and bad attitude. 


Help Derrick navigate the "treacherous" terrain by jumping over piles of snowballs and blowing up snowmen with his trusty bazooka.

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